Jusoor's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Showcasing A Decade of Impact

Collectively, we have
given the gift of education to 10,000 Syrian youth

On our 10th anniversary celebration, we are honored that collectively we have managed to give hope for a better future through the power of education to 10,000 Syrian children and youth.

A collage showing images of Jusoor beneficiaries indicating 10,000 lives
into the next decade

Join Jusoor's mission in educating Syria's children and youth

Stories that Inspire Us

In preparation of this milestone, we have looked back and reached out to Syrian youth that we worked with since the early days of Jusoor, to check on their progress and share their incredible success stories with you.

A 10-Year
Trip Down Memory Lane

We reached out to some of the members who have been with us since the beginning of Jusoor, so they can reflect and share their thoughts on how Jusoor became to be, as we take a trip down memory lane.

into the next decade

Join Jusoor's mission in educating Syria's children and youth

Awards Announcement

Simulation of the Bridges Award

The Bridges Award Recipients
Amr Salahieh & Laila Munif

At Jusoor, we provide a platform of recognizing passionate people driving positive change. This year, we were honored to present our Bridges Award to Amr Salehieh & Laila Munif, who supported many of our 100 Syrian women scholars,and extended our impact by opening a brand new education center in Lebanon for Syrian refugee children and vulnerable Lebanese students. On behalf of Syria's next generation, we thank you for your generous contribution.

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A picture of Suha holding the Dedication Award next to Grace

The Dedication Award Recipient Suha Tutunji

Our Dedication Award is presented to people who have done exceptional work to support Syria's children or youth. In 2021, This award went to an individual who works tirelessly to educate and empower thousands of children, our academic director, Suha Tutnji. Suha has changed so many lives with her hard work, and as she continues to do so, we are beyond proud to have her in our team.

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A Musical Performance
by Noel Kharman

We have collaborated with the talented artist Noel Kharman to perform a unique musical harmony, as an exclusive mashup, in support of the education of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.